Hi everyone,

Today I am very happy because a new project begins in Cristina Pellafranco with the best company: Francesca Piñol Torrent. Who besides a good friend is the person with whom I shared the first space where I sold my designs in the Borne neighborhood of Barcelona. Since then we have also joined the passion for textiles and fashion, each from its specialty.

Francesca Piñol Torrent, a teacher at Escola Massana in Barcelona, ​​began to create fabrics with a hand loom and expanded her knowledge of looms and types of fabrics with stages at the Musée de Tissus de Lyon (France), Skolen for Brugskunst in Copenhagen and Designskolen de Kolding (Denmark).

Working with the Jacquard technique has led to a broader view of the composition and architecture of the fabrics. It currently has the only digital hand loom in Spain and the few in the world !, which allows you to investigate textures and weave any scanned image.

As for color, bet on an approach to nature advocating a more sustainable procedure. Using natural dyes that contribute color palettes more harmonious with the environment.

Francesca and I in this new space will share our experience in the world of fabrics. We will talk about fibers, fabrics, dyes… in the key of curiosities, care, tips…

Recently a desperate customer contacted me because she had made a hole in the precious 100% Wool Blue Coat She had bought in the ShopShop of www.cristinapellafranco! I asked Francesca for help and the result is impressive !!!

To begin I will show you how Francesca has fixed that coat and left it as new

Si queréis hacerlo en casa… requiere cierta técnica y herramientas, pero ¡no es imposible! Hasta pronto, Cristina & Francesca… Sobretejidos