Hello Tops, in the last Tip Top Blog I mentioned hair as one of the five points of attention that we should take care of in our personal image in order to MAKE A HABIT OUT OF BEAUTY. Perhaps one of the most important, since it is a significant part of our essence, of what we want to transmit, of our beauty image. An important tool to self knowledge, self discovery, and look.

Do we give it the importance it has?

Let’s start from the beginning….


Sometimes because of habit, because of family, because of topics, we transform our hair so much year after year that we really do not know what it looks like. What color? What is its natural form, or thickness, or fall. Do you remember? and even if you do remember, your hair changes through the years, as everything else in us. if that is so, let it go for a time so you can recognize it again. It may not be the one you remembered. find out what it wants, what texture it has without any product except a good shampoo, a serum and a natura hair conditioner, to give it its natural life, its real essence, let it dry naturally with the air and watch how it breathes, let it be! And with it help yourself BE who you really are.

Perhaps in the beginning after many years of doing the same thing, it will be hard to see yourself that way, you may feel disoriented, but in this way you can come to understand your hair.

Use this exercise to observe your hair, play with it, caress it, to know its dynamics, appreciate its natural tendencies, understand its movement.


A mask treatment as a weekly routine, a good shampoo, the one that is best for your hair, a good hair conditioner according to your type of hair. A cream to define its form, that best transmits its essence, helps your goals and your dreams. and a serum to give it light and brightness, soften it, sweetens it…and of course, comb it! Combing and brushing your hair gives it life, cleans it, activates the scalp with its light massage, giving it a message of wellness and care, not to mention the energetic activation, which is also true. Dry it in a way that helps its natural form, no to repress it.

Each product and treatment you have to find for yourself. As with clothes, the knowledge, treatments, and care of your hair is part of the research you have to do to  empower your beauty and support your true goal. Get good profesional help and try little by little how your hair reacts to each treatment until you find what it really needs.


Once you know how your hair really is, once you are conscious of its needs and how to  empower its potencial in all its beauty, find out what haircut you need for your beauty image.

The same as in clothes, as I commented in my blog, “Envy and Inspiration” in INSPIRADOS by CPF, observe, get the feel of what your really need, imagine how you would like to be, to look, activate the EYE OF EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and dare try.

I could give you the clues of what haircut looks best in each type of face; you also have to have in mind what you what to transmit. But above all as I always tell my clients, the goal is that your intuitions starts working. That you get to know yourself and YOU start to feel what is best for you and what you need.


Now that you have come up to this point would it not be a pity to abandon your attention to your  hair for the rest of the day????? NO????!!!! With all that attention and care before your leave home, don’t forget about it for the rest of the day. Comb it, look at the mirror and go over your hairdo; don’t abandon it, take care of it as you do with the rest of yourself, eating when you are hungry, drinking if you are thirsty…or should!;-)


Does anybody real bellieve that we have all this beauty in our heads as a useless thought? Hair is an importante instrument of beauty as much as clothes or even more so. It has an enormous power of seduction in just s few gestures. Or firmness and self assurance in a structured and straight hairstyle.  It has infinite possibilities or expression for us to USE, and enjoy, it would be a pity not to know your hair and use it to its best potencial.

To finish, I am not a hairstyler, or a makeup, I am a fashion designer and image counselor; this are muy specialities and my strong abilities with which I can help and hope to help. For specific porpoises I surround myself with excellent professionals en whom I trust and recommend to my clients. INSPIRADOS AND TOP.

Five hair Tips for Tops about haircare and improvement of our hair in our daily lives. For more details and a personalized and detailed advice, do not hesitate to contact my Image Consultancy. I will make a budget according to your needs without compromise.

And remember:

Observe and look for inspiration, and imagine that you can…